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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freezing Potatoes

We went gleaning (potato picking) this fall. We got around 200lbs of potatoes. It was a LOT, while we gave a lot to friends and family, we still had a lot left. Last year the potatoes stayed well until April, but this year they started growing sprouts (or eyes as other people call it) in February. This was because we had such a WARM winter. So, rather than wasting 100lbs of potatoes I decided to research freezing potatoes and I found this. Four ways to freeze potatoes. A couple days back while the kids napped (note this took an hour to do) I tried three of the ways.

Here's what you need. 
-Cooking Spray
-Freezer Bags
-Aluminum Foil
-Cookie Sheets
 The first type of frozen potatoes I did was hash browns. I shredded them into a bowl of ice water to stay white (and not brown).
 Then I portioned them into hash brown patties.
 The second type was blanched potatoes to then freeze them for easy mashed potatoes.
 Then I boiled them until they were somewhat soft. About 7 minutes after the water has boiled.

Drain the potatoes.

Put the potatoes on a sprayed foil cookie sheet.
 Then I did french fries. These are a HUGE hit at our house.

  I also had these in ice water until I put them in the freezer.
I finished 7 bags of french fries, two bags of cubed potatoes for grilling, 1 big bag of cubed blanched potatoes for mashed potatoes and 2 big bags of hash browns (which turned a bit brown on the bottom so I'm trying to figure out why, any clues?).

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