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Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Week Printables

Here are some fun mazes and bible verses and things to do with your preschooler or kindergartener (or even older I guess) in preparation for Easter!

We are going to put together a Holy Week Calendar and talk about each day and its significance. Here's where I found the awesome idea.

Easter Egg Dying is a tradition in our family, and this year I'm using Kool-Aid instead of the dye you buy at the stores. Go here to find out more information.

We've set up Easter Egg Crystals, I'll post on that later this week.

The kids love Rice Krispies, so we'll probably make PEEP Rice Krispies this week as well!

More baking....we're going to try Good Friday Cross Buns!  My kids LOVE working in the kitchen with me!

We will also be making Resurrection Rolls on Easter Morning. (Note we were going to do the cookies, but this just seemed SO much easier and since #1 and #2 are both under 4, this was the way I decided to go this year.)

We have a church Easter Egg hunt on Saturday a FUN event Saturday night (but its a secret so I can't disclose any information, sorry) then we get to rise up with the SUN and hear Pastor preach at the Sunrise service. We'll be having some friends over with their children from an awesome Easter FEAST on Sunday! We'll post about our activities as we go, or at the end of the week!

What are your big Holy Week plans?

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