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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Wreath Making

My brother is getting married in 4 weeks and while I was home in ND we made 6 HUGE wreaths. We wrapped feast feathers, flowers, Christmas lights, and ribbon on them. Their wedding will be very different...going for a TRUE NORTH DAKOTA wedding. We're excited to go back to ND towards the end of June!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coupon Tip

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So I've been in kind of a "funk" with couponing. Not that I'm "not into it" just haven't found "stealer" deals lately, so because of that I haven't really been couponing. BUT the reason I feel I can get away with this is because the last 10 months or so I've been a hard core couponer. So today's coupon tip is  when down in a funk, shop from your stock pile. I work really hard to coupon for a good 10 months or so a year so when there aren't as many deals I shop from my stock pile and only buy necessities.

What do you do when your not in the mood to coupon? Splurge?

Monday, May 28, 2012


This week I'm excited to say that I get to go on a RETREAT with Pastor with NO KIDS!!!!!!!!!! We'll be gone for two nights, and three days. It will be a LONG time for me to be away from my babies. I have NEVER left #2 EVER over night. Now many of you probably have left your children overnight with grandparents, babysitters and such, but we don't have grandparents close (they live 14 hours away). I've never really been comfortable leaving them overnight with a sitter, and most of our friends who would volunteer to watch our children but they also have one if not two children of their own.

So, Pastor has a retreat for church EVERY year, usually right at the end of the school year for all the church and school administrative staff to get on board for the upcoming year and set a theme and such. The first year we were at the church (we've been here for two years now) families were invited. The second year only spouses were invited, no children...and since #2 was just 10 months old, I was still nursing I stayed home alone with the kids and Pastor went. I also dislike staying home alone...really stinks being a single parents. I don't know HOW any single parent does it (or how my mother did it, I'm from a divorced family, very young age).

BUT, this year #2 is almost two and #1 is three in a half, and I'm pregnant with #3. Next year I won't be able to go because #3 will only be 7 months or so, so I figured THIS IS THE YEAR to go. I've gone back and forth for a LONG time, even considered calling our babysitter and cancelling. BUT I haven't and I don't think I'm going to. Its just SO hard to leave my babies. I love them and I know they'll be in good hands, but its hard. The first time I ever left #1 was when I had #2 in the hospital. I balled the night before I put him to bed before I had #2, I knew he'd be in great hands, but I was just afraid of what he'd think, he was only 18 months at the time. I fear most for #2 because she doesn't "comprehend" what's going on, while #1 understands mommy and daddy will be gone for 2 days but will be back on Friday.

Here's what's keeping me going:
1. Our babysitter is the Senior Pastor's Daughter, she's a Junior in College, home for the summer, can drive, and is majoring in education. She's AWESOME and the kids love her.
2. We're only going 100 miles away, yes far, but I CAN drive home if there is an emergency.
3. We have some AWESOME friends here who are going to come and check on the kids.
4. I need some ME time, and some ME and Pastor time.

So, with that. I'll be gone the end of this week. I'm hoping I'll get some good rest, read a few books, and enjoy the Idaho Mountains!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

NO Coupons on Sunday

Since this is a holiday weekend there won't be any coupons in Sunday's paper. I usually take this time to organize all my coupons, weed out expired ones and go through them all! Enjoy the long weekend and take some time for you and your family!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Review: By Faith, Not by Sight

By Faith, Not By Sight: The Inspirational Story of a Blind Prodigy, a Life-Threatening Illness, and an Unexpected Gift

I was recently given the opportunity to review the book, By Faith, Not by Sight by Scott MacIntyre (with Jennifer Schuchmann) . Scott was a contestant on American Idol, if you’re wondering why that name sounds so familiar. Scott’s story kept me interested until the very last page. He was born blind, but the doctors weren’t convinced of it until he was almost 2, a frustration his mom struggled with because she knew something was wrong but all the doctors said “he’d grow out of it”. At the age of 3 Scott started playing the piano. He was able to play something he heard, almost perfectly. Now because he was blind he couldn’t read music, but he used his sense of hearing to make up for what he couldn’t not see. 

At the age of 7 he was asked to play in someone’s wedding, his mom was a bit hesitant since he was blind, but he played for the wedding and realized that weddings paid way better than the tooth fairy! He was asked to play and sing for many people and he did. He enjoyed the gift that God has given him and shared it with others.
Scott was given the opportunity to study music in London and he was excited, except a serious illness was prohibiting him from going. He did get to go for one year, but then got too sick to return for his second year of study. This part of the book was amazing, even though Scott was sick he always thought God had a plan for him and this was it. He always kept a positive look at things. A quote that really stood out was “How can I feel so high on a mountain top, but yet be so low in the valley”, which describes all of the ups and downs Scott went through. 

Scott did get over his illness, but then his younger sister had a similar problem with a similar illness. It seems as though God always was with their family. They were a praying family and always focused on God, it was evident in Scott’s writing! 

This book was an amazing read. I don’t want to spoil it for you as I strongly recommend you read it! You can purchase it on Amazon if you’re interested!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I've learned

Now I don't want to call myself a "seasoned" traveler with toddlers and preschoolers, but I've done a LOT of driving and traveling with the kids over the past year. This past month especially. We drove over 40 hours in the car, just the THREE of us. Here are a few things I learned from my trip this last time (its always good to learn new things).

Now #1 is fully potty trained, never NEVER has accidents at home and is fully night trained, never really ever has wet the bed, knock on wood. WELL, being in a new place, well new PLACES every 3-4 nights for two weeks did him in. He had various accidents and one night I had to threaten to put a diaper on him (I never THOUGHT to bring pull ups because he NEVER has accidents), because he had peed his pants 4 times. I figured out halfway through my trip that he needed a stool to reach most of the pottys (we have one at home, so it makes sense he'd need one). I also learned that he didn't "know" where the potty was one night. However, I travel with a little potty in the van because Montana (the state I have to cross completely) doesn't have as many rest stops up through the mountains, so just to be safe. I decided to bring the little potty in the house with us and have #1 use that at night in the room he slept, once that was solved he didn't have accidents. Takes a mamma a while to learn.

I also learned that 4 juice boxes in 3 hours will create a LOT of accidents in the car. Good thing #1 doesn't care about being naked because after 3 accidents I had no more "reachable" clothes left for him to put on (this was on our drive home, 2-8hr days of driving) and so he had to sit naked in his car seat.

Another thing I learned was that although #1 is big enough to sit in a booster (with a back) and only use a seat belt, its probably best he's in a harness car seat for long trips, because he'd often take the lap belt off and I'd be turning around explaining to him that he HAD to wear his seat belt...thus when we travel back to ND in 4 weeks for a wedding different car seats will be brought!

You need more than 10 DVDs to entertain 2 kids under 4 for more than 40 hours....and I now know ALL the words to most of the veggie tale movies.

I also learned that my kids listen very well. On many stops people commented on how well behaved they were and how they listen, its nice for a mom to hear this when sometimes you only focus on the bad (a bad quality I'm trying to change).

Thus for the rest of our trips I'll be a little smarter, and I'm sure I'll learn something new on our other trips this summer. We'll be gone for MOST of June (so don't expect a lot of posts, sorry). We'll be gone 2 weeks in July, and possibly one more week in August. Summer is our travel time, and we LOVE to see all our family!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FREE Card! Today only!

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Wordless Wednesday: News

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FREE Target Beauty Bag

Remember my freebies I get...well this is one of them! Go quickly!

If you weren’t able to grab the free Target Beauty Bag last month, then today might be your lucky day! Head over to the Target Style Facebook page because IT'S LIVE NOW! I got mine in the mail not too long ago, and I was impressed with the cute bag and all the samples!  Good luck!

Free Music

If you like FREE music then you will want to check out this Amazon deal. They tweeted that you can get a free $2 mp3 credit.  To get your Amazon Free $2 Music Credit  enter the name of your fave song and allow the app to post it on your Facebook page.
Then, you’ll get the message that a credit was added to your account.
You have until May 24 to use the credit, so it gives us time to think about what songs you want.
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