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Saturday, May 19, 2012


If your a couponer you know that the Sunday paper is vital for coupons. I used to get one paper a day until I realized our paper had a "pincher" deal for couponers. If you don't know if your paper has a deal for getting MORE Sunday papers (ie: more coupons) you can always call and ask. For me to get 5 Sunday papers and one paper every other day of the week its $15 a month. It's normally higher, but we currently don't get a Smart Source insert because our paper and Smart Source couldn't agree on a price. I HOPE in July, when they resign the contracts for coupons they can agree so I can get those inserts, because right now I have to get another cities paper for the SS insert!

I also get papers from people at church who don't coupon. If there is a FREE coupon for something or something I can get really cheap and donate it, why not!

Another way you can get papers is dumpster diving. Now I've never done that myself, but I've heard and seen people doing it.

Now its a lot of papers especially when I don't READ 5 papers in a Sunday, but I do recycle so I don't feel I'm wasting anything. Plus when there are great coupons you tend to "make" money even after you pay for your paper subscription!

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