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Monday, May 21, 2012

While I was gone for the past two weeks (and Pastor was home), a LOT of FREEBIES came in my mailbox. Now I wasn't as happy to know that Pastor opened ALL my mail, he said he wanted to make sure it wasn't something that would go bad, which I get, but I LOVE opening mail. Oh well! Here are my freebies.

I got TWO Target Beauty Bags (these happen once a quarter on Target's website). I'm not sure why I got two, I only filled the form out once. I'll be donating ONE to the food shelf. The other one #2 will play with, well the bag is. The contents contained a small shampoo, conditioner, make up remover pads, lotion, lip gloss sample, and a TON of Target coupons (too bad I have to drive 50 miles to go to

I also got a Febreeze Car Air Freshener, not sure where this came from.

I received my first Better Homes and Garden Magazine, a free year subscription from a website.

Two International Delight Coffee Coupons came, Pastor got the Ice Coffee and the other one was for a creamer.

I also got this "scarf" which is more like a 12 x 12 square of silk fabric. Not sure what I'm going to do with that yet!

What have you gotten in your mailbox? 

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