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Friday, June 29, 2012


I want to apologize for being so distant in the posts here. We've been CRAZY busy to say the least. We've been to North Dakota in back, in less than a week, so that's 28 hours in the car logged...if you're keeping track this summer we've been to: Montana & North Dakota (TWICE), Utah, Nebraska, and Wyoming (add to that, Pastor has been to Nevada, California, and Mexico). It's not even July and the kids and I have logged over 75 hours of TRAVEL time. We are going on a trip on Monday again for a week, to the mountains with all of Pastor's immediate side of the family. They are all pastors, so we're doing a "Christmas in July" thing.

We're also building a MASSIVE deck on our house while traveling all this much. We'll have a week break in-between family visiting and VBS week at our church, then its back to the mountains for another week while Pastor teaches Guitar Camp up at Camp Perkins. Then it's August...#2 has her 2nd birthday party, which I think I've decided to do a "fish" theme, more on that in mid July.

So, for this weekend I'm working on various Pinterest projects that I've found and want to do. I'll take pictures and post how they turn out. I'm going to make some citrus scrub, sugar scrub, 4th of July Kebobs, and a couple kid crafts!

Hopefully by late July I'll be back up to posting the normal, "daily" post. Until then, I can't promise anything....HOWEVER I will be doing a GIVEAWAY starting Monday, ending on July 10th! Watch for that post!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flying with Children...Things I've Learned.

 Earlier in the month I wrote about Flying with Children and the ways we were getting ready for our plane trip to visit my dad (aka, Grandpa). Now that we've flown I can't say I'm a veteran at flying with not one, but TWO children by myself, but I'm more educated now!  Here's what I've learned.

Pack enough things to keep preschoolers and toddlers busy, because each thing entertains them for about 5-10 minutes and a 2 hour flight is a long time! 

Have a child size back-pack for the oldest child to carry. This was a HUGE help that #1 was able to carry all of the toys and books while I carried the change of clothes, snacks, money, tickets, etc. He did however get tired of carrying the back-pack at somepoints, which then I just put it on the back of our umbrella stroller.
 Show the kids what's happening and talk them through everything. We looked for airplanes, saw them come in, saw our airplane pull up to the gate and then I explained that people had to get off first, then they cleaned the plane, then it was our turn to get on. It helped a lot with, is it time yet questions!
 Bring FUN toys from home. Mr. Potato head was a fun toy for #1, but #2 doesn't have great balance and so her pieces always ended up on the ground, which was a PAIN to pick up, since she was a lapchild, and the three of us shared 2 seats.
When possible, sit your children by the window, here's a fun things for them that comes with the airplane, watching out the window. (Sadly our first trip we got the very last seat and it had no window, that was a LONG trip).
  Let the kids have fun, its ok if they talk to each other, they do not need to be silent the entire trip!

We had a blast flying. The trip there was great, the trip back was around bedtime so #2 had a hard time sitting and understanding why she couldn't run all over the place.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free Music: MP3 Credit at Amazon.

You can another $2.00 in free Amazon MP3 Credit.  To get your credit:
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day, do you have your card?

Pastor won't be home until the Saturday before Father's Day, he's currently in Mexico building a house for a mom and her family (along with 18 other people from our church). We don't do anything too specific for Father's Day, but getting a card is always something we've done. This year we're getting our cards from Shutterfly. They have great cards to choose from and #1 loves choosing cards online. If you want to check out their neat video (followed by a FREE CARD at the end) you can do so here... Here is a link for the FREE card offer! Enjoy the free card!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

When I was teaching I used a lot of the "Love and Logic" method in my classroom. It's a great way to create an awesome community in the classroom. It helps teachers build relationships and connections, manage hard students, makes learning fun and productive, and also helps children solve their own problems.

I was in our church library the other day looking for a good read and I found "Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birthday to Six years". I'm excited to read this book. I'll share what I learn with you all.

What kind of parenting books do you read?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Entrance Day

Saturday, June 9, 2012, is Get Outdoors Day and over 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees are offering free entrance that day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying with Children

#1 and #2 and myself ( who's 3 months pregnant and thankfully not really showing) will be FLYING towards the end of this week. Usually we don't travel this much, but this is only trip 2 out of 5 this summer, we were supposed to have 6 trips but I've postponed (HUGE TEAR) a trip to Washington to see my bestie because I think my kids are really tired of traveling, and we've only done 1 trip.

Anyway, so we're FLYING to Omaha, Nebraska (then driving to Lincoln where my dad lives, he will be picking us up in Omaha). It's a 3 hour flight from Salt Lake City, UT (which is still a good couple hours drive from where we live in Idaho). So, for the day the kids will have been in the car for about 4 hours and will be on a plane for 3 hours. 7 hours of traveling. I can do it. I did 8.5 hours in the car, by myself, with them. I can do this...I can do this...I can do this....I think.

I've flown with #1 once (well twice if you count lay overs). He 9 months old and we flew home for a funeral (see both pictures). Both of these times were by myself. So, I feel like I can do this...except I'm pregnant, traveling with 2, and traveling with one child who's NEVER been on an airplane (loves to see them in the sky) but I'm pretty sure she'll be TERRIFIED of the actual plane when we get up close, I'm praying I'm wrong. So, we've been prepping the kids for our great adventure.

Here's what I've been doing this past week to get the kids prepared:
1. Read Going on a Plane
2. Read My First Airplane Ride
3. Read Airport
4. Made paper airplanes and flew them
5. Talked about airplanes and how they fly and how its going to take a while to get there.
6. I showed #1 a map and explained to him how we'll travel FASTER than in a car and showed him where we were going.

Here's what my "plane survival" kit is and YES I have a massive diaper bag! (and #1 will get his own little back-pack to be SUPER COOL):
1. Portable DVD players & 2 movies, 3 hours is a LONG time to keep two children, quiet on a plane
2. Thomas color and sticker book/crayons
3. Two mini doodle pads
4. Snacks for me and the kiddos
5. M&Ms and Jelly Beans for when the times get tough
6. TYLENOL. I will most likely be giving #2 some of this 30 minutes before we board the plane, so hopefully her ears are ok. #1, I think will tell me if he needs something.
7. Kids "security" blankies
8. Surprise dollar store "quiet" toys.
9. Change of clothes for both kids, you never know!!
10. A small pillow, hopefully one of them naps!

Here's what else I'm bringing/wearing:
1. Umbrella Stroller (for #1, hoping he sits in it)
2. Ergo Carrier (for #2, will be carrying her on my back, if my Dr. oks it)
3. Money for beverages (not even going to TRY to take the kids juice through security, I just want to get through with flying colors, no questions asked)

I am however excited that children UNDER 12 no longer have to take their shoes off, which I found out on TSA's website, that will make things a bit easier. Our flight TO Omaha is over nap time, here's to hoping they take a nap! Our flight is DIRECT meaning we don't have to change planes, so I'm SUPER excited about that... but our flight home is over dinner, that I'm DREADING. I'll update you when we get home how it all went and what I've learned!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free Kotex Liners

You can currently print out 2 coupons for $2.00 off 2 packages of KOTEX Natural Balance here and 2 more of the same coupons here (on page 4 for me). Then head to Walmart where you can get 8 boxes of Kotex Natural Balance Liners for FREE + make money for other items in your cart!

Buy 8 boxes of Kotex Natural Balance Liners 14-22ct $0.94
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Now I know your thinking, why in the world would I need EIGHT of these, BUT just think you can donate them and you got them for FREE. Isn't that just awesome!!

Thanks, Raining Hot Coupons 

Milk and Cheese Coupons

We're blessed to live in a state that offers coupons for milk and cheese. Something you don't see often. Well, the coupons have been reset, so go print yours now before they are gone!

Utah and Idaho zips only
$1/2lbs of ANY cheese coupon as well also need an Idaho our Utah zip (83605)

Friday, June 1, 2012


I know its late, but if you're up and want something FREE tonight.….  Panda Express is giving away FREE Orange Chicken no purchase necessary 6/1 only.  With printable coupon after 9pm.   Hurry and print your coupon and enjoy a late night freebie!
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