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Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying with Children

#1 and #2 and myself ( who's 3 months pregnant and thankfully not really showing) will be FLYING towards the end of this week. Usually we don't travel this much, but this is only trip 2 out of 5 this summer, we were supposed to have 6 trips but I've postponed (HUGE TEAR) a trip to Washington to see my bestie because I think my kids are really tired of traveling, and we've only done 1 trip.

Anyway, so we're FLYING to Omaha, Nebraska (then driving to Lincoln where my dad lives, he will be picking us up in Omaha). It's a 3 hour flight from Salt Lake City, UT (which is still a good couple hours drive from where we live in Idaho). So, for the day the kids will have been in the car for about 4 hours and will be on a plane for 3 hours. 7 hours of traveling. I can do it. I did 8.5 hours in the car, by myself, with them. I can do this...I can do this...I can do this....I think.

I've flown with #1 once (well twice if you count lay overs). He 9 months old and we flew home for a funeral (see both pictures). Both of these times were by myself. So, I feel like I can do this...except I'm pregnant, traveling with 2, and traveling with one child who's NEVER been on an airplane (loves to see them in the sky) but I'm pretty sure she'll be TERRIFIED of the actual plane when we get up close, I'm praying I'm wrong. So, we've been prepping the kids for our great adventure.

Here's what I've been doing this past week to get the kids prepared:
1. Read Going on a Plane
2. Read My First Airplane Ride
3. Read Airport
4. Made paper airplanes and flew them
5. Talked about airplanes and how they fly and how its going to take a while to get there.
6. I showed #1 a map and explained to him how we'll travel FASTER than in a car and showed him where we were going.

Here's what my "plane survival" kit is and YES I have a massive diaper bag! (and #1 will get his own little back-pack to be SUPER COOL):
1. Portable DVD players & 2 movies, 3 hours is a LONG time to keep two children, quiet on a plane
2. Thomas color and sticker book/crayons
3. Two mini doodle pads
4. Snacks for me and the kiddos
5. M&Ms and Jelly Beans for when the times get tough
6. TYLENOL. I will most likely be giving #2 some of this 30 minutes before we board the plane, so hopefully her ears are ok. #1, I think will tell me if he needs something.
7. Kids "security" blankies
8. Surprise dollar store "quiet" toys.
9. Change of clothes for both kids, you never know!!
10. A small pillow, hopefully one of them naps!

Here's what else I'm bringing/wearing:
1. Umbrella Stroller (for #1, hoping he sits in it)
2. Ergo Carrier (for #2, will be carrying her on my back, if my Dr. oks it)
3. Money for beverages (not even going to TRY to take the kids juice through security, I just want to get through with flying colors, no questions asked)

I am however excited that children UNDER 12 no longer have to take their shoes off, which I found out on TSA's website, that will make things a bit easier. Our flight TO Omaha is over nap time, here's to hoping they take a nap! Our flight is DIRECT meaning we don't have to change planes, so I'm SUPER excited about that... but our flight home is over dinner, that I'm DREADING. I'll update you when we get home how it all went and what I've learned!!


  1. Hi Beth!

    We just got back from a trip to CA, and I have a suggestion for your plane survival kit- blue painter's tape. It entertained Eva for at least 30 minutes (total, not in a row. Now that would be a miracle!)- plus we used it for baby proofing when we got there. Hope you have a good trip- we're 15 minutes outside of Seward, so if you're coming this way, let us know! :)

    Emily (Kennell)

  2. Painters tape, never would've thought of that...why did you have that in a carry on is my question? :) We'll actually be in Seward seeing vicarage friends on June 14th. Not sure of other plans.

  3. Haha, good question. I got it from this site- they have lots of helpful ideas. Happy travels!


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