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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flying with Children...Things I've Learned.

 Earlier in the month I wrote about Flying with Children and the ways we were getting ready for our plane trip to visit my dad (aka, Grandpa). Now that we've flown I can't say I'm a veteran at flying with not one, but TWO children by myself, but I'm more educated now!  Here's what I've learned.

Pack enough things to keep preschoolers and toddlers busy, because each thing entertains them for about 5-10 minutes and a 2 hour flight is a long time! 

Have a child size back-pack for the oldest child to carry. This was a HUGE help that #1 was able to carry all of the toys and books while I carried the change of clothes, snacks, money, tickets, etc. He did however get tired of carrying the back-pack at somepoints, which then I just put it on the back of our umbrella stroller.
 Show the kids what's happening and talk them through everything. We looked for airplanes, saw them come in, saw our airplane pull up to the gate and then I explained that people had to get off first, then they cleaned the plane, then it was our turn to get on. It helped a lot with, is it time yet questions!
 Bring FUN toys from home. Mr. Potato head was a fun toy for #1, but #2 doesn't have great balance and so her pieces always ended up on the ground, which was a PAIN to pick up, since she was a lapchild, and the three of us shared 2 seats.
When possible, sit your children by the window, here's a fun things for them that comes with the airplane, watching out the window. (Sadly our first trip we got the very last seat and it had no window, that was a LONG trip).
  Let the kids have fun, its ok if they talk to each other, they do not need to be silent the entire trip!

We had a blast flying. The trip there was great, the trip back was around bedtime so #2 had a hard time sitting and understanding why she couldn't run all over the place.

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