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Friday, July 20, 2012

Secret Secret!

So, I've learned about this (actually a while back, but I always forget about it) new "secret" MOST grocery stores do for kids....its how I've kept my two quiet in the cart....besides for the fun and crazy car carts which I just LOVE to drive zig zag through the store (anyone with kids will understand).

Here's the secret. MOST bakeries in the grocery store.......I know for sure Albertsons and Fred Meyer's does this......give out COOKIES to the kids! For FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me singing praises?! Yes, that's right. I do half of our shopping, while the kids are still "semi" interested in it, then when they get a little bored and restless its to the bakery we go! Worked WONDERS today!!!

Just try it sometime!

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