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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do It Yourself: Moby Wrap-Baby Carrier

Since I'm expecting #3 I figured I might need a pretty versatile carrier where I can just wrap the baby and go, where its comfortable for both baby and ME! I have tried many carriers, but many people (including my sister in law) rave about the Moby Wrap. Well I am convincing Pastor to let me buy a friends Ergo Carrier because this is one way I've been carrying #2 around with being busy with #1. So...needless to say I own a Baby Bjorn, a sling (which I NEVER used), and a hiking carrier. Getting Pastor to let me buy 2 MORE carriers seemed a little I did some research and making a Moby Wrap didn't look to hard, so I thought I'd try it.

I found instructions from Rookie Moms and my friend Marie, over at Adventures in Craziness. Rookie Moms suggested having 5 yards long by 21 inches wide. Marie said hers that she made (from a Full Sized Jersey Knit Sheet) was 215 inches x 25 inches. Since I didn't have a full size sheet that I wanted to cut up, I looked through my fabric and sure enough found a nice red (gender neutral) knit piece of fabric that would work!

What I did was measure 24 inches wide (just to give myself some extra room in case I didn't cut straight, which I didn't). I cut the fabric into thirds. 

Then I took the three pieces and sewed them together, the long way. I used a medium size zig zag stitch. My mom, who's an AMAZING quilter and sewer suggested this, so if its pulled it won't come out as easy.

After that my three pieces (now one) measured 235 inches long. I will most likely be cutting some of it off because it seems SUPER long, and I have a lot of extra fabric after I tied a baby doll in for practice. 

 So there you have it, a home made Moby Wrap. These usually run for about $45, so I just saved us $45! Since I had the fabric already it worked I said you could always use a full sized sheet too!

 Here's the general instructions for those who'd like to try it.

  • Knit fabric (I used Jersey Knit), 5-7 yards (one long piece will usually yield two wraps. Protip: get the lady in the store to cut it for you!)
  • A patch made from another material.
  • Thread in your sewing machine.
  1. Cut the fabric in half lengthwise so it is 24 inches wide and 6 yards long
  2. Iron, pin, then hem the edges.
  3. Adhere your patch to the middle of the wrap so you can easily find it by feel.
Wondering how to put the baby in? There are great instructional videos online!

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