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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fish Soap

This past weekend we made our "Fish Soap". #2's party is coming up this weekend, and so we got ready and made these party favor for her birthday. I found them on pinterest. Its from the blogger. Little Birdie Secrets. If you want a more "detailed' explanation of how to do this, go here.

You'll need:
Microwave safe bowl
Rubbing Alcohol
Spray Bottle
Tweezers or fondue sticks
Baggies (I used the taller party favor bags, CLEAR)
Fish (from the dollar store)
Glycerin Soap (I used 5lbs and only have like 1/2lb left after making 16 bars of soap.) Ordered from Hobbie Lobbie, already cut up!

Put about 5 or 6 individual blocks into the microwave safe bowl. Heat in the microwave until melted. Mine was about 1-1.5minutes

You'll need to have a bowl of ice water ready. When the soap is melted, pour (using a funnel) into the baggie. (No pictures of this, because it was hard to take a picture and pour with only me as the adult around). To get the small bubbles out spray it with the rubbing alcohol.
Then place the soap in the ice water, and gently put your fish in the bag. The tweezers are for making sure your fish is "upright" unless you want a "dead" fish in your soap.

Leave the soap in the ice water for about 2-3 minutes, until hard, then you can remove it. Make sure you let it completely harden on a flat surface.

Then tie shut!
TaDa! This was my first attempt, and some turned out cloudier than others, not sure why, but it still looks like the kids will get a "bag of fish", but really it's soap! How neat is that.

This project cost about $20 make, pretty reasonable for the amount of soap I was able to make.

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