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Friday, August 17, 2012

Helping Preschoolers with Time Limits

I've been working on time limits with #1. For example, in 5 minutes we are going upstairs to have rest time. However, usually its phrased like this: You have two choices, 1, you can go upstairs now for rest time, or 2 you can go upstairs in 5 minutes for rest time. (I've learned a lot from Love and Logic Parenting...a book I'm currently reading and will share lots of helpful insights when I'm done). Usually #1 picks the latter of the two options, wouldn't any child?

SO, to help him figure out what 5 minutes means, I put stickers (just random stickers we had that weren't too obnoxious) on each of the 5 minutes of the clock, so then when I explain to him what we're doing in 5 minutes, I point at the clock and say when the long hand gets to the GREEN CIRCLE, or blue star, or purple open circle, etc. You get my drift. It's really helped, even to the point where I wasn't paying attention and #1 was like WHOA mom, its almost on the silver star and WAYY past the green circle, we're late!

It's really helped with arguing and him negotiating 5 more minutes, every single time.Of course this clock is like a $2 clock from Ikea, so I didn't feel bad about the stickers, now my beautiful stain-glassed clock I'd NEVER do this too, but a simple cheap one, sure!

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