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Monday, August 6, 2012

OFISHally 2!

We're having #2s birthday party this month (her birthday is August 23rd) and since she's got a summer birthday we always typically do a BBQ with friends and have fun. Sad that #1 gets the short end of the stick since his birthday is in February, but that's ok! This is #1s HALF birthday month, so it all counts, right?

So for #2s party is going to be easy as far as the food goes, we're just going to have Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips. I'm going to make THIS fish cake, using this as the rounds (hopefully), and have ice cream too.

I'm also going to attempt making little fish soaps and use them as party favors and then maybe make these as a fish game and then each family can take 4 fish and a pole home too....these are my plans for the next week. I'll be busy crafting, but don't worry I'll let you know how it all goes!

Oh, and each kid will also get a "goodie bag" of GOLDFISH with an attached note that says "Thanks for swimming by".

I did a "theme" party for #1 when he turned 2, so I thought #2 deserved the same thing! I hope it turns out ok!! 

Do you do theme parties for you children?

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  1. The cake will turn out great with that method! I have done a similar method with chocolate and white, making a zebra pattern. The better you do at putting the next color right in the middle of the first color the better it will look.

    What a cute idea! You are so very creative.
    I have done theme parties for Sylvia but it has mostly just been with the cake and not much else. Her birthday happens to land on our family ski trip often. So, her party is usually at the hotel.


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