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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A "Minty" treat

I've taken on a new role at our church and am now the Sunday School Administrator. I'm helping our another person at church make sure things for Children's Ministry function properly. I'm enjoying it. I get to use my creative "teacher" genes.

We decided to make THESE for the Children's Ministry teachers as a Thank You to give to them on the first day of Children's Ministry. #1 was VERY eager to help, since it involved candy.

 We had a lot of MINTY candy, we had life saver mints, tic tacs, andes mints, york mints, and 3 musketeer minted candy!
 He followed directions very well, putting the candy in the bag, and a little note too.
(He did get to eat one candy after he was all done too).
Our note says:
"Thank you for your commit-mint in Children's Ministry
Thank you for your invovle-mint in the children's lives.
Thank you for time and energy to make Children's Ministry an enjoy-mint for the kids" 

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