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Monday, September 17, 2012

Hurry Up Challenge

I read a while back (and I can't remember where, which bugs the HECK out of me) an article in a magazine about a mom who felt like she was always in a HURRY. You have that feeling, right? Well in this article the mom finally realized she was hurrying her children too. The way she realized it was one day her little boy said to her "mom, hurry up or we will be late", not realizing she probably has said that to her children more times than she can count.

Our society is always in a hurry, always have somewhere to be, always need to be here fast. Cars drive fast, people walk fast, people hurry their children. It seems like its in our blood. Well this mom gave herself a 24 hour challenge, which I'm CHALLENGING YOU. I counted the other day how many times I "rush" my children (and its not even like I work and they go to school, its just in general life) and it was way too many for me to even remember, which is horrible. I don't want my children to go through life thinking their mom hurried them take the challenge with me. Report back how it went.

Here's what she did:
Hurry Up Challenge 
For a whole 24 hours, you are not allowed to say "hurry up" "come on" "we're going to be late", or any other phrase associated with "hurrying". Enjoy the view with your children. Stop and look at the little ants on the sidewalk (even if it will cause you to be 10 minutes late to your next appointment).  Enjoy the sunset with your kids, read 15 books before bedtime, enjoy your children and life.

So are you with me? Here's an interesting book I found while searching online, and then when #1, #2, and I were at the library it was RIGHT in the front of all the books, it was God speaking to me, READ THIS. It's a good book. All through the beginning it talks about Hare "hurrying Tortoise". Then towards the end things change, but its a good read and I don't want to spoil it, so buy it or check it out at your library today!

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