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Friday, September 14, 2012

Letter A

Whew. A "semi" normal week. Pastor has been gone all week up at Camp Perkins, helping the 5th graders for their Outdoor Ministry Camp. I HATE being home alone with the kids by myself, but its something that I've gotten used to....sadly...This week we had a normal school week, with MOPS on Thursday, which is kind of like a glorified playdate for #1 & #2 and then mommy gets a little break too.

This week we worked on letter A. (side note: APPLES just HAPPENED to be on sale this week, isn't it wonderful how God works!?) We used LOTW, and 2 some preschool posts pages for ideas on apples, as well as many "pinterest" activities. Here are my resources: Apples 1, Apples 2.

Here are some other things we used:
Alphabet Art Book - A page.
1+1+1 Apples
A Heart for Home

We also song lots of apple songs and did some finger plays, find those here.

 I also found some good little videos on the letters that we'll probably work in every week. There are a TON of the videos from KIDSTV123 (a youtube thing). Here's letter Aa, if you were wondering what one is like, (this is just focusing on short a).
 This is how our week panned out and things that we did. Some of the things that we do on a daily/weekly basis I'm going to refrain from reposting every week, like calendar, weather, cutting practice, etc.

 Left: Coloring Page
Right: Bean Bag Toss - Find the letter toss it in the bag
Left: Weekly Reader (had these left over from when I taught Kindergarten)
Right: Prewriting Practice. He's getting better at this!

Left: Search, find, and color worksheet
Right: Adding "fruit" or circles to the tree.

 I decided we were going to put electrical tape down so they could work on tracing the letters, Ben and Percy were great to use on these little "tracks"

Left: magnet page (used only the green colors)
Right: Upper and Lower Case A matching

Cut and Paste Activity

 Left: Matching shapes
Right: Ant story, find all the Aas.
Left: Milk Cap Spelling
Right: Lacing, he did excellent this week.

 Counting the apples and using clothes pins to find the right number, he really needs to learn his numbers, recognizing them in print that is. He can count fine, just not recognize the actual number.

Apple Painting with Crab Apples

 We made these Apple Mobiles. They are so cute and the kids LOVED making them. If you want my template, go HERE. (Please link back my site if you share it.)

We actually only got through 2/3 of what I planned because we developed big head colds and neither child was really into doing school, and I wasn't going to push it. Oh well.

 Here's what #2 did when she wasn't watching her brother or playing with other toys.
 Sang the ABCs MANY times
 Her artwork on her magnet board.

 Matching color crayons to the right color. 
We worked one on one for a while with colors. She's getting there, but she's not always accurate with identifying the colors.
 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coutning cards, she put counters on the green circles, this kept her busy for a LONG time various days!

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  1. Awesome apple mobile, btw. :-) I think the boys will like making it!

    Where are the counting cards from?

  2. FANTASTIC idea tracing tracks! My son loves monster trucks - this would be perfect!!

  3. Becca - The "counting cards" are really play dough mats found here:

    Stef - Thanks, my son LOVES anything with tracks and so I was inspired by him really!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas. My 3 and 2 year olds made Apple Prints this week, too. They are the first project in our (free) Alphabet Art Book (printables available here).

    Thanks for sharing at our Finished Friday Blog Party. I'm also sharing your post in my Finished Friday Participants Pinterest board.

    P.S. I can't get the apple mobile, the message that comes up says I haven't been granted permission.

  5. I love the A from tape on the floor! And your apple mobile looks amazing! Thanks for linking up at TGIF! Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

  6. I think I fixed the Apple Mobile Printable. It's just my tracing of the apple pieces, but I thought I'd share it! Let me know if it still doesn't work.

  7. I lovvvvveeee your apple mobiles! We're going to be doing apples next week, I hope I can work it in!


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