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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Letter M

This week was a short week, one because of Labor Day (and Pastor was off, so we took the day and got out of town as a family), two because I had my wonderful glucose screening at the hospital (which took all morning on Tuesday, thus much schooling wasn't done), and three because we had a MOPS meeting on Thursday. When I planned my homeschooling waaaay back in the early summer, I wasn't positive if we'd be doing MOPS (we're starting from the ground up in our town) and so I planned a 5 day school week for us, and now 3 times a month we will only have a 4 day school week (unless I can convince #1 to do school in the afternoon, which is usually his outside, bike, fun time). Anyway, we used Letter of the Week (LOTW) from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I am absolutely LOVING her stuff, and so are the kids! We did do a Moveable Me craft from Art Activities for Little Learners.

 Left: Working on M, he's convinced it says "kk" like C....oh dear.
Right: Building the letter M with unifix cubes. 

 She is a DRAMA PRINCESS...she threw fits almost ALL day today.

 Left: Lacing, he's pretty good at it now.
Right:  Size sorting, smallest to largest.

 Left: Milk Cap Spelling
Right: Counting with M&Ms.

Left: Magnet work (they both love this)
Right: Dotted the letter M, another favorite activity!

  Patterning with M&Ms

Left: Working on the Moveable Me (FIND THE FINAL PRODUCT HERE)
Right: Puzzles

Look at this beautiful writing, #1 did this ALL ON HIS OWN!


 Left: M&M Patterning, he got confused with the ABBA pattern.
Right: Coloring sheet.
Left: Cutting practice, he looks forward to this.
Right: Writing, I was proud he was holding the pen correctly.

 Left: Lower/Upper Case sort, this was hard for him.
Right: Reading "My M Book" a GREAT series that our library has.

 Reading the M story and finding the Ms, he's holding the pen wrong, I don't know if I should correct him everytime or what, advice?

 This was his decorate Mm page, he chose to do stickers instead of gluing on macaroni. He enjoyed it.

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