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Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter T

This week we worked on letter T. We used LOTW. We also did some transportation things from Homeschool Creations. I did some work on numbers and shapes with #1 as well. #2 still focused on colors, since she's not proficient at it, and again, shes JUST 25 months. We did a couple crafts this week. A school bus, for transportation and then we also painted with cars. It was a lot of fun. Here's a look into our week.

Left: We started a daily notebook, writing the day, number, time, and others. We got it from COH & Ironic Adventures.
Right: Turtle lacing

Left: Prewriting. I'm still working on getting him to write from left to right.
Right: More writing, and #2 joined in.

Left: sorting small, medium, and large. This was EASY for #1.

Left: Milk cap spelling
Right: We do take breaks in our school day (which is only typically 1.5-2 hours long). Lego building is his break of choice.

Working hard. I just love this picture of him because he's so devoted and hard working here!

Cut and Paste Turtle....this took a LONG time.

Left: counting practice, matching the turtles with the correct number, hard, but he didn't give up.
Right: Tangram train building.

Left: #2 worked on lining up cars and counting them...she can get to 13 successfully then it gets a bit interesting.
Right: doting the T page, still a huge favorite thing of the week.

Left: this came from a Scholastic Pre-Writing book for preschoolers, it was continuing the pattern on the turtle.
Right: Magnet T page.

Both kids thoroughly enjoyed the transportation pack from Homeschool Creations. I'm sure I'll be pulling these out at other weeks. The matching was one of their favorites game, but we play memory a lot, so that's understandable!

Left: This is from the Homeschool Creations, putting the numbers in order, 1-10. He did well. Then we worked on pointing to the number that I said.
Right: Shadow Matching 

Left: Painting with cars.
Right: Pastor joined us one day. Here was the puzzle making for the turtle.

This is an activity I found a while back, working on matching shapes to the right square. 

Play-doh fun!
Left: Reading the T story and finding all the Ts.
Right: Turtle Graphing

Left: We made a Bus because its a form of transportation. We made it out of an egg carton. For the directions, go here.
Right: Here's a picture of #1s writing his numbers, he's tracing, but still doing well!

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