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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Plum Organics

 Mish Mash | Blueberry Oats & Quinoa

 On Facebook a while back, Plum Organics was giving away coupons (that were mailed to you) for a FREE Plum Organics Product. Neither of my children have ever tried these products before, so I thought hey, why not. I was disappointed to find out that there wasn't a store in our town that sold the product, so when we went away for Labor Day I found a store that carried them, Hooray!

I was at Target and honestly their selection was HORRIBLE if you ask me, but maybe its because they were all on sale, but there was hardly anything to choose from. I choose to get the Fruit & Grain Mish Mash Blueberry Oats & Quinoa.

Fruit & Grain Mish Mash, a toddler line of organic snacks made from 100% unsweetened fruit and whole grains that are perfect for delivering a nutritious, convenient snack to your tot on-the -go. Each variety is a delightful snack with protein (from Quinoa!), in easy, pleasy flavors for your little independent eater.  It doesn't have any added colors, salts, or sugars. Yeah!!

It was a 4 pack box, for about $4.69. Not bad, each little serving was about 70 calories. It's something that you can just stuff in the diaper bag and go. It doesn't (can't) need to be warmed up, they eat it as it. My favorite part about this (besides the kids loving it) is that its resealable. That way if the kids don't finish it, they can later! What an ingenuis idea...along with the fact that its easy for the kids use, squeeze and enjoy. Most of all, its typically (#2 always finds a way to be messy), MESS FREE!

Now #1 is a super picky eater, and I almost knew he wasn't going to like it. But #2 is good at trying new things, so she did, and she LOVED IT, ate it right up...asked for more! To check out more of their products, go here. They have a whole line for baby, toddlers, and kids!

 **I was not paid for my review. All opinions are my own. I received a FREE coupon from Plum Organics on Facebook and chose to do a review on my own.**

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  1. We love these at our house!
    They actually can be heated up by placing them in a dish of warm water, however my kids like them at room temp.


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