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Monday, September 24, 2012

Survey Sites

I take surveys online and get paid for my opinions. It's not much, but you know an extra $10 for amazon a month is kind of nice to spend on myself or gifts for other people. Here are the survey sites that I prefer and that are legit!

Opinion Outpost: This is probably my favorite site. Some of the surveys are longer, but on evenings when Pastor has meetings or something I'll sit down and do one or two. They pay you by amazon reward codes, or even transfer money into your paypal account. It's easy to make rewards. If you don't qualify for a survey they reward you with a "prize draw" or you can donate a dime to a charity. I think this one is great!

Survey Savvy: Now I've never used this one, but others have told me they've gotten great results from this site.

National Consumer Panel: This is where you scan your groceries (and you have to qualify for it, and have a landline I believe) and then get points that way. The National Consumer Panel consists of people from all demographic and geographic areas of the United States. By scanning the barcodes on their purchases and completing surveys, panelists' consumer voices make an impact in the marketplace.

Swagbucks: This isn't a survey site, but a way to surf the web, you get points/dollars for surfing the web through their link. Pretty neat.

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