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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Young Children's Bible Review

 I've had the wonderful opportunity to review the "My First Hands On Bible" put out by Group. This bible is geared towards preschoolers (as you can see from the cover above), but I think it'd be a great bible all the way up to 8 year olds. The bible has great content, a lot of the bible passages are 3-4 pages in length (so it doesn't leave a lot of, but also doesn't dumb it down for kids, which I like a lot).

 #1 and I have spent the week reading through various passages, normally we read his bible from the beginning and go in order. He really enjoyed the passages. He asked to read more each time we read it. He was very attentive during the reading of the story, but the bible itself has little "hands" have have little things to do during the story, like "walk like an elephant, hop like a kangaroo and run like a deer" to do DURING the bible passage, which I think is great. Gets kids involved and moving in the passage.
 Here's an example of the little hands that gives the kids something to do while the passage is being read. The bible has specific places for you to stop reading and do these hands.
 It has a little prayer after each story, very kid friendly.
It also has a "Jesus Connection" which is summing up the bible passage in one sentence. A great reviewer for the kids! 

At the end of each passage it also has 3 other activities you can choose to do, usually the are "Let's Talk" and then two other activities gear towards the passage. Great to do in a Sunday School Class or at home with your little one.

This bible is great. It's the size of a normal bible, just not as thick. #1s other bible is HUGE, and thing I don't like about it...but its also for ages 3-12, so I know he can use that bible for a long time. This is a bible that I think both #1 and #2 can benefit from right now! It's not always a bad thing having more than one bible! 

**I was not paid for my review. All opinions are my own. I reviewed the bible on my own, and received a copy of the bible through our church.**

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