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Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter L

 We finally had a normal week around here...well whatever you want to call "normal" nowadays. We worked on the Letter L. We used COAH Letter L curriculum as well as some things from 2 Teaching Mommies: Leaves Unit. I also created my own little "leaf" book where #1 had to find some leaves, glue them in on the pages correctly. You'll see in our pictures below.

We also had a fun playdate on Wednesday going to the GRAND OPENING of Herberger's here in town, then on Thursday we had MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), then on Friday #1 and I had a little date in the morning where we got to go to the local college and hear a reader's theater and to top it off, Friday morning we were greeted with 1 inch of SNOW on the ground! #1 was SUPER excited to play in the snow, so instead of doing his "school boxes" we played outside...that's learning too!

 Many fun filled field trips, so our week was jammed packed! See the pictures below! We didn't do pictures of everything but we did get some work done. I'm not "stressing" over what doesn't get done, because #1 is 3 years 9 months old, so we'll hit the letter again for sure before Kindergarten.
After we do our daily calendar, weather, patterning and bible verse for the day we go straight to the binder for work. We're using COAH Preschool Daily Learning Notebook. He enjoys doing this, and he's getting better at "pinching" the pencil/pen!

Leaf shadow matching. This was a bit confusing for his, he thought at first it was color matching. I fooled him!
Shape puzzles, but since they are also the same color, he really matched colors...we worked on saying the shape name too, but it was not as "fun".
Working on the Ladybug puzzle together.
She's very good at fine motor skills, even holds the pencil the right way, comes naturally to her I guess...she enjoys lots of fine motor activities, here's she's threading beads on a pipe cleaner.
Coloring the ladybug. #2 has to use the SAME color as #1, just like her big brother.
While she can count to 13 by herself, here's she's "trying" to count while #1 and I work on other math things.

Practicing her piano. I have a pretty cute video of her singing her ABCs while playing the piano!
Working on making our leaf book.
It has 5 pages reads:
One big leaf as green as can be. 
Two yellow leaves changes colors. 
Three BIG leaves. 
Fourth little leaves.
Five leaves showing the colors of fall.
I'm pretty glad we decided to do the leaves in the beginning of the week since we have SNOW on the ground now. I know it won't stay (or I'm praying it doesn't stay....) but its fun for the kids. We also worked on patterns, counting to 20 (by himself), cutting practice, and jumping on one foot.

What was your week like?

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  1. Your leaf book looks great! What a clever idea.

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)


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