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Monday, October 29, 2012


Last year we didn't carve pumpkins because we were gone right around Halloween for a whole I tried something new last year...and now it's a tradition! Read on to see what we do instead of carving pumpkins.

Now don't get me wrong, carving pumpkins is totally fun and cool. I ENJOY doing it, however the frugalness in me can't just "waste" a whole pumpkin. So, this past weekend we dug into our 16lb pumpkin we picked at the pumpkin patch. NEITHER child wanted to get messy and pull out the yuckys, so I did it. 

 He took a look, but that's about it.
 Then I cut open the pumpkin. We talked about the pumpkin parts as we did this (as we're studying pumpkins this week).
 After cleaning all the seeds out, I cut the big pumpkin into about 10 pieces (to fit nicely in my crockpots). I added about 2 cups of water at the bottom so it wouldn't burn. Then I cooked them on high for about 4 hours.
 Here are the seeds, PRE cooked, I ended up burning them (which did NOT smell good), so sad. :(
 So after the pumpkin cooked for about 4 hours, I let it cool in the crock pot. Them I melon-ed out the piece and threw the outside piece in a bag to compost in our garden (NOTHING is being wasted here!).
This is a 5 quart bowl, so 3/4 of the pumpkin cooked made about 4 quarts of pumpkin. But wait, there's more! 
 I learned the HARD WAY last year that you need to let the pumpkin cool a LOT before pureeing it in the blender (or food processor), because otherwise it EXPLODES. So, once cooled I pureed it.
I measure it out into 2 cup baggies because usually recipes call for about 2 cups of pumpkin. I've learned from Pinterest that if you place them flat on a cookie sheet (it hardens faster) it freezes very flat! Nice for freezer storage. Here are 6 cups of pumpkin, from the 16lb pumpkin I got 13 cups of pumpkin. 

We still have 3 pie pumpkins that I'm going to try to cook whole in the oven, more on that later. I'm so excited for fall baking. 

Now, you ask what do you do with the pumpkin? Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll share a YUMMY Pumpkin Cookie Recipe!

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