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Monday, November 5, 2012

Baking Pumpkins

I will be eating pumpkin something for the next 6 months I think! I have over 20 cups of pumpkin in my freezer. Last week I showed you my "old" way of cooking pumpkin...which is still super easy and a way I'll probably do the MASSIVE pumpkins. But I tried something new this week! I cooked the pumpkin in the oven. Here's how I did it. SUPER easy!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put your pumpkin in a baking dish or on a pan, on the lowest rack. Make sure you cut slits in your pumpkin with a knife, so it doesn't blow up in your oven. (I forgot and about 1hr in I rushed to the oven, thankfully nothing blew up!).

 Let your pumpkin cook for 1-2 hours. Mine took about 1.5 hours. You know its done when you can poke your fork in it and its really soft.
 Let it cool, but not too much, then peel off the outer skin...SUPER easy. Way easier than when in the crock pot!
 Then let cool a little more, then you can slice it open.
 Take out the yucky parts. You can save the seeds, I opted not to, since we tried some already and they burnt and it stunk up my I wasn't about to try again. Not this pregnant mama!
 Let cool more before blending/pureeing.
 I used my blender to puree it, because I don't have a food processor.....YET....
Store in 2 cup bags (most recipes call for 2 cups of pumpkin). I lay mine flat on a cookie sheet, then they freeze better and store better in the freezer!

Wham! It was that easy....are you going to try it?

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