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Friday, November 9, 2012

I heart Doublers

Lately I've been exhausted from couponing, but today's shopping trip made me realize its all still worth it. We have Albertsons in our area, which DOUBLERS Manufacturer coupons up to a $1.00, making a $1.00 coupon $2.00. Long as it doesn't go over the cost of the item, our store doesn't "pay you" like Walmart does. Anyway. So doublers were last week....AND then we get them this week too...usually we have a week or two inbetween. I just wasn't "feeling" it. HOWEVER I did see some matchups and decided I "had" to go. I also got a lot of "catalinas" (coupons that print out when you purchase a specific item) from last week that I had to here's what my shopping entailed.

Rootbeer $1.89 - FREE with Catalina Coupon
Extra Large Eggs $2.19 - Free with Catalina Coupon
Bananas $1.53- used $1.50 off produce Catalina, paid .03
Apples - 1.96 - used $2.00 off produce Catalina (surprised she let me use it since it was the full $2) FREE
International Delight Coffee Creamer - 3.89 - FREE with FREE coupon from FB offer, no longer available
5 Green Giant Season Steamers -  2.00/ea doubled .75/1 from 10/7 GM insert 3.05

Total spent, $3.08 
Average savings 94%
Total saved:  $21.62

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