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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a girl!

We are proud to announce that our precious little GIRL has arrived! I never guessed she was a girl. I was thinking she was a boy! We are so blessed.

Her birth was not easy, but not complicated...if that makes sense. She was a scheduled c section so recovery has been a bit rough but were making due, and she's totally worth it! We have had some more 'hiccups' along the way though. She's currently in the nicu...has been for almost a week now, actually  I am sitting in the nicu as I blog. This is NEVER a place I thought I would be. Its hard, emotional, and exhausting. #1 and #2 don't understand why she isn't home. I cry at least once a day, usually when I leave for the night and I don't get to take my baby home with me.

What's harder is they don't know what's wrong. Her little right leg is swollen and they think its a reaction to the vitamin k shot, but NO one has ever seen this before. Leave it to my kid to be a mystery! We will hopefully take her home on Sunday morning...when she's 9 days old. Were praying answers and wisdom from the doctors and hopefully this isn't going to affect her later in life. More updates to come.

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