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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter D

This week we talked about the letter D. I used COAH Letter of the week as well as some things from 2 Teaching Mommies. #1 really "got it" this week. He now, 85% of the time, can correctly identify the numbers 1-10. I'm so proud. I'm finally seeing progress! Hooray! We did have MOPS this week as well as TWO playdates, so again, not everything got done...but social skills are very essential as well, thus my justification for playdates for the kids (as well for me).

Here's a look into our week:
 The famous paint bag, don't mind #1, he's just writing the Dd backwards...ugh.
 Working in our Calendar Notebook
 This week #2 focused on SHAPES.
 Finding the letter Dd on our letter mat.
 Putting the dinosaurs in numerical order
 Which ones is different, he struggled with this.
 Letter writing
A fun time had by both

We had MOPS this week, got a nice little snow storm (thus we HAD to play in the snow), and Pastor did school with the kids on Friday while I was at the doctor, so this is all the documentation I have. We're enjoying school and I can really tell #1 is learning! It makes me so proud! 

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