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Saturday, November 3, 2012

P is for Pumpkin

We talked about the letter P this week, being the week of Halloween, so we talked and did a LOT with pumpkins. We used COAH Letter of the Week for P as well as some theme things from 2 Teaching Mommies. This week ended up being a "short" school week, AGAIN...for various reasons you'll read. I've just gotten over the fact that I OVER plan and its OK if we don't get through everything, because #1s ONLY 3.

So a look into our week. We talked about the letter P, and I made this neat paint bag for #1 to write letters on...but I think I"ll be doing more of these NO mess and it keeps them entertained for a long time. This may go in their "big brother" "big sister" presents. Not sure yet though.

 We sorted the big and small letters, he's getting really good at this, but he is having trouble retaining the knowledge of what the actual letter is...any advice for help with that?
 A pumpkin puzzle. He noticed the numbers on the side, which I was super excited about. He used them to help him. It was great!
 This was a hard puzzle I cut out for him. It took a while, but he finally got it. He loves puzzles.
 Small, Medium, and Large. A mastered skill I'd say.
 Our pumpkin gluing project.
 THIS is one reason we did not have time for ALL of our school work. One day the kids and some friends of ours took a little "field trip" to another friends house. They have horses, a goat, kitties, and a dog. We call it their own little petting zoo. The kids got to ride horse, jump on their trampoline, and enjoy the company of the older kids. It was so much fun. Learning doesn't just happen in our "school room" its EVERYWHERE!

That's a peak into our week.

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