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Thursday, December 27, 2012

#3 Birth Story

So, this post as been in my mind for a long time now. #3 is now a month old, however she's only been home with us for a week less than that, so 3 weeks. Her first days of life weren't the easiest, for anyone, especially myself. Here's a little glimpse into her "birth story".

On November 23rd at 3:15am, my alarm went off, however I didn't sleep more than an hour or two that night. I was anxious to meet our newest little person for our family. I took a shower that morning, knowing it might be my last shower for a good day or so. I kissed #1 and #2 goodbye (they were peacefully sleeping) and we were off to the hospital. My parents were here so they stayed with the "big kids". We got to the hospital a little after 4. I was prepped for my scheduled c section. #1 was an emergency c section after a long 14hour labor, and #2 was scheduled because she didn't come by her due date, so #3 was scheduled a week prior.

I got into the operating room, had a spinal (which is by far the worst part because Pastor couldn't be there with me, because the room had to be completely sterile. I kept asking for Pastor, every 3 minutes. I didn't want him to miss anything and it seemed like they were starting without him. Needless to say, my OB (who sends his child to the school which is part of our church, so we "know" him) got Pastor in there right away.

It seemed like it took FOREVER for them to get #3 out. It was the longest of all 3 c-sections. #3 was VERY high up. They had trouble pulling her down to get her out. They had to use the vacuum (but not long enough where her head was misformed, that happened to #2). A nurse also had to push so hard on my left rib cage that she said at one point during the delivery "I don't want to break her ribs". I remember replying, "yes, please don't". After what felt like forever, but was really only 25 minutes, #3 was here!

She was 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. Her head was 14cm!

She and Pastor left the OR about 10 minutes after she was born. I stayed there to be stitched back together...which took a LOT longer than planned. I didn't leave the OR until almost 2 hours after they started. Needless to say it's recommended that we don't get pregnant again, due to the previous scaring from the other c-sections! At about 10am (about 3 hours after #3 was born) I got to HOLD and LOVE #3. Pastor and her were quietly waiting in my recovery room watching PBS.

I tried nursing her right away. It was tough, but we were just learning together. She was a sleepy one (still is a very lazy nurser). After that I took a nap and in the late afternoon #1 and #2 came up to meet their new baby sister.

It was a long day. I was REALLY sore. My first c-section was hard in recovery, my second was amazing, this one was well in between. I was expecting it to be super easy, but for some reason it was hard on me. That night Pastor went home to keep a somewhat normal routine for #1 and #2. He came back that next morning. During that night #3 had some blood sugar problems. We ended up supplementing a few feedings with formula because of her blood sugar. It just wasn't stabilizing. After the formula feedings it would go back up, but she kept having dips in her blood sugar. Otherwise she was acting normal.

Saturday afternoon the well baby nursery nurse came to me and mentioned to me that #3s right leg was looking bigger than her left. She wasn't sure why. She told me not to worry, but she was going to call the doctor. By now, #3 had probably had her foot pricked for blood draws for blood sugar monitoring 3-4 times. Saturday night at about 7:45 they came in to do another lab draw for blood sugar and the nurse came in and TOOK HER from my arms to the nursery because they were going to run some other labs on her because of her swollen leg. This is where emotional mommy took over. I was so overwhelmed, not moving the greatest at this point (but yes, up and walking) that the nurse told me to stay in my room and they'd bring #3 back with me. I was alone in my room at the time. No one was with #3 and that wasn't OK for me, but I wasn't moving well so I stayed put. I balled like a little baby. My dad ended up calling me and I sobbed to him on the phone about how they took my baby away, (being way over dramatic probably) and such.

It was a blessing though, while talking to my dad on the phone, I noticed my room was tidy corner to the well baby nursery and I could see perfectly what the pediatrician was doing. He was standing over her crib on the phone, looking totally and udder confused! Great! The pediatrician came into my room and told me what was going to be happening. They were moving #3 to the NICU.

Find out tomorrow about our NICU experience.

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