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Friday, December 28, 2012

Life as a NICU Mommy

Bringing #3 to the NICU was one of the most emotional experiences in my mommyhood career to date. It's not the top one, we'll get to that. #3 went to the NICU just one day after birth.

The doctors wanted her to be on antibiotics for monitoring because they have NO IDEA why her leg swelled. The leg that swelled was the leg that she got the Vitamin K shot in, a normal routine shot ALL newborns get. Who ever heard of a baby being allergic to vitamin k? So they started antibiotics, meaning she had to have an IV in. Sad. But doctors are doctors and somewhat know what they are doing, however I've learned to always ask questions and make sure I know why they are doing what they are doing and being and advocate for my children!

On Sunday I was ready to be discharged, but I waited until #3s really late feeding, I fed her, then I went home with Pastor from the hospital, WITHOUT my baby....empty carseat, empty crib. By far the HARDEST moment of my life. Being home, recovering from having a baby, and not having her home. Hard. Yes I know I still had her, she was just in the hospital. However it wasn't planned and we have NO IDEA why she was there.

They started treating her for cellulitis. Thinking maybe that's what it was. Her right leg was still very swollen, about 4cm larger than her left. It was just crazy. So Monday came and I was up at the hospital for 5 out of her 8 feedings a day. I needed to nurse her and love on her. It was exhausting. I was tired from having a baby. Tired from being up at night pumping to get my supply in. Tired from moving. Tired. Period.

Monday came and went. It was a long day. #3s godmother came to see her this night (and take me home from the hospital) and that night we noticed that the outside part of #3s leg was bruising, but not right at where she had the shot, lower on her leg.

 Hmmm, interesting I thought. I noted it. I came back Tuesday morning, fed her, read on our new tablet, talked to the nurses and doctors, and enjoyed her. By #3s 1030am feeding I noticed bruising on the inner thigh of her right leg. Hmmm very mind boogling. On Monday the doctor had told me they wanted to "rule things out" and so I "demanded" an xray be done. (Note: Pastor and I requested an x-ray on Sunday to see why her leg was swollen but we were rejected because we were told it was most likely fluid and that wouldn't show up on an x-ray.)

I called the doctor and told her that in my family history we have OI (osteogenesis imperfecta). She immediately agreed to the x-ray and things moved incredibly fast. They did the x-ray on #3s leg and found something!
Turns out #3 had a metaphyseal bucket handle fractur, looks something like this. (Note this is not #3s actual xray, this is just an image I pulled from google). Hmm, now how in the world did she get a broken leg. Did it happen during birth, in uetro, afterwards. It's all a mystery. Do you want to know how this type of break normally happens? It's most commonly found in child abuse. Yes, child abuse. My heart SANK when I heard the doctor told me this. Had we went home on Sunday with #3 instead of going through the antibiotics and then bring her back to the doctor when we saw the bruising on her leg, the doctor said that CPS would've been called....what! Are you kidding me! So, how did this happen you ask. We'd love to find the answer out, and we're still searching. The part that confuses everyone is that she never acted (and still hasn't) like she was in pain. She's our WARRIOR PRINCESS!

We continued antibiotics in the NICU for 7 full days. They didn't cast or brace #3s leg because of where the fracture was.

We got to take #3 home on December 1st, caring for her gently and watching her. Since, she's been happy, healthy, and seems to be growing. We're going to be going to get her genetically evaluated for OI, to rule that out (or in, whichever God decides). Stay tuned later in January we'll find out what will be happening.

It was a whirlwind of a week during our stay in the NICU. I cannot say enough nice things about the nurses there. They treated her like she was there own! I am so thankful for them.

Her first week of life was nothing like I expected, but I'm thankful now that she's home!!


  1. I found your blog a while back through a pin, but just got around to really looking at it today.

    As a former NICU mom, I can relate to how it feels to discharged without your baby (when you expected to take home a healthy baby) and waiting for answers. Prayers for continued health and a great report!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Why was your little on in the NICU? It's a hard experience, but the nurses are awesome, at least they were for us!


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