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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

14 Days of Valentine's

I got this amazing idea for a "not so expensive" and something Pastor will use (aka, eat) Valentine's Day present. Along with the Valentine Challenge, this is what I will be doing for Pastor for Valentine's Day. I hope to bring them to him at the church during the week, to make it a big thing....

I did mention it to him, since we haven't "exchanged" gifts for Valentine's Day in F-O-R-E-V-E-R, that I was going to be getting him something for Valentine's Day, roughly about $25.

Yes, in secret I'm hoping he gets me something.

BUT if not,

I'm ok with that.

The idea originally came from Six Sisters' Stuff. I'm using their printables. Some of the other ideas came from here. Some were then, my own. I think he'll like it. He can consume all of the gifts. So, what person wouldn't like it. He already thinks I'm a "nerd" for my cute phrases that go along with things, so this will top the charts!

Here's what he'll be getting, one on each day, until Valentine's Day. Topping Valentine's Day off with one of his favorite treats for breakfast.


  1. What a PERFECT IDEA!!!

    Are you sure he doesn't read your blog??? ;-)

  2. I guess I'll find out on Feb 1, and see if he's "surprised" or not. :)


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