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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heaven Changes Everything

Heaven Changes Everything: Living Every Day with Eternity in Mind 
I recently read Heaven Changes Everything. This is written by the same person who wrote Heaven is for Real, which a story about a little boy who "goes to heaven" and comes back. His dad is a pastor. It was a very good read. Not sure I believed all of what was written....but I'm not here to review that book. I'm telling you about Heaven Changes Everything

This book is little devotionals written by Todd and Sonja Burpo. The mom and dad of the little boy, Colton, who had a very scary thing happened and went to heaven and back. In this devotional book they use their real life experiences and relate it to how God works in our lives. It was a great read and it was very quick. I enjoyed it because I didn't have to read it all at once, I could read one or two devotions at a time, or 10 if I so chose. 

Their devotions point out that even though there are hardships here on this earth, our true reward is in HEAVEN. They say Heaven is God's last word. 

A great little devotional! 

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