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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Magic Milk Pictures

On Saturday the kids and I were watching morning cartoons (yes, we watch cartoons in the morning, most mornings. It's really how I stay sane-and nurse #3 with not having to detach her to intervene with the big kids). We were watching "Noodle and Doodle". Don't ask me. It was on, #1 was fascinated with it, so we watched it. On there they gave ideas for things to do, and we got this AWESOME idea and it was so much fun! Here's how you make Magic Milk Pictures.

You'll Need:
9x13 pan
food coloring

First, line the bottom of the pan with milk. #1 thought this was funny for some reason. Ha!
Next, put a couple drops of food coloring into the milk (kind of close to each other).

Then, take some soap and add one or two drops of soap onto the food coloring and BAM, watch the colors spread and do awesome things!

 Place your paper on top of the food coloring. 
 Lightly spray the paper with water, so it doesn't curl up.
 Then remove the paper and see your beautiful picture (let dry, it will be VERY wet).

 He was so fascinated by the color mixing. (Note, he was not feeling well this day).
And that folks, is how you make a magic milk picture! Go ahead and try it with your little ones!

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  1. So fun! I featured it today on the kids co-op at Housing A Forest. Hope you link up again this week!


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