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Monday, January 14, 2013

Meal Plan Monday: Jan 14-20

While I sit here preparing this (Thursday evening) the beautiful, yet small, but many snowflakes fall on the ground. I've totally changed my menu plan for the week because I was unable to get to the grocery store at the end of the week like I normally do (and going grocery shopping on a Monday would totally throw me off, but I'd do it). SO I decided that this week will be a "Cook from the Pantry" week.

What's that you ask?

Why it's cook with what you already have in the house.

Now, if you've followed me for a while, you know I like to coupon. I have a good stockpile of a LOT of I can do this. I know I can. Have I ever done it. Nope.

Lord help me.

Ok, here goes the menu planning. Besides for a trip to get MILK and ONLY MILK, I do not plan to spend any money this week. It's a week where I'm cooking from the pantry and saving. Spending time doing things at home and enjoying our family. Without spending.

We can do this!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Crasins, juice
Lunch: Grilled Cheese or Chicken Noodle Soup, apple slices w/ peanut butter
Dinner: Eat at Church (Pastor's Monday Night thing)

Breakfast: Cold Cereal & Toast
Lunch: Leftover Lasagna from Sunday
Dinner: Knoelpha Soup & Homemade Bread

Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and Toast
Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, jello, carrots
Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken Freezer Meal, pears, pudding

Breakfast: Cold Cereal
Lunch: Tropical Pancakes with Candied Pineapple (emeal recipe)
Dinner: Sauteed Chicken and Mushrooms with Ravioli


Breakfast: Cold Cereal
Lunch: Left Overs
Dinner: Chicken and Feta w/ Pasta (SO Yummy, this will be my recipe I share with you next week)

Breakfast: Monkey Bread
Lunch: Mac 'n Cheese and Hot Dogs
Dinner: Left Overs

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Forgotten Chicken & Oranges
Dinner: Popcorn


  1. You got this in the bag! ;)

  2. I started meal planning a few years ago,with only two people it isnt quite as detailed as yours but it saves SO much time and money. I plan Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday my husband will usually help out in the kitchen or we will do left-overs from the week. I recently made a meal calendar on my google calendar and I found that this is alot easier for me than the just write it on the calender method that I have been using in the past.


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