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Monday, January 7, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Here's the first Meal Plan Monday post of the new year. The first week of the new year brought us to Salt Lake City for genetic testing consultation for #3 to see if she has OI. If you want to know why we're going through all this, read about my life as NICU mommy. So, thus. I start my resolutions the second week into the new year, because this year I'm focusing a lot of my time and energy on my three precious babies.

My goals this year are to on Mondays post our meal plans for the week and give you one new recipe from the week prior that I tried or a new recipe that I'm going to try this week.

This is going to be an easy attained goal because I'll be using EMEALS this year. What you do with emeals is you pick your plan, get awesome recipes, shop and save (this has been endorsed by Dave Ramsey), relax and enjoy. eMeals is the revolutionary way to free up your brain, your budget and your family time.
eMeals takes the dinner menu and meal planning stress off your easy as 1-2-3!  It's really neat. If your a blogger and want to sign up, go here. Part of their motto is making time for family...which is another goal of mine for 2013, emeals will be helpful tool in many ways to our family!

B: Cereal, toast, juice
L: Corn Dog Muffins, carrots, apple slices
D: Eat at Church (Pastor started a Monday night service, we eat and have a short worship service).

B:Omelets, Hash-browns, milk
L: Mac 'n Cheese, hot dogs, oranges
D: Chicken Pot Pie, grapes, milk shakes

B: Cereal, fruit
L: Left Overs
D: Feta Florentine Chicken, French Baguette, fruit

B: Cereal
L: Left Overs
D: Papa Murphies

B: Granola, yogurt, juice
L:PB&J, celery, bananas
D: Left Overs

B: Cereal, milk
L: Left Overs
D: Ham & Potato Soup (freezer meal)

B: Cereal
L: Lasagna
D: Popcorn

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