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Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Letter N

This week we worked with the letter N. We used COAH Nest unit. She had a great unit and since we're just easing back into school after 6 weeks off from having #3, I figured we'd keep it simple! We still do our morning routine of calendar (singing the following songs months of year, days of the week, weather watcher), putting up the number for the calendar, talking about what day was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Counting to that number. Dressing the weather bear. Saying the weekly bible verse. Making a pattern with cards. Then finally introducing the Letter of the week, Number of the Week, and Word of the week (yes, I'm adding site words even though he isn't proficient with his letters, call me crazy).

Preschool 3s (he turns 4 in a month)

 He enjoys school. He doesn't enjoy being "told" how to do writing the letters the right way, with the right hand, is hard. But he will get it. I'm not going to push him. I want him to enjoy learning. That's my number one goal this year.

 He concentrates so hard on things.
 The enjoy working at the new desk where they both have enough room and mom can sit on the opposite side (or next to one of them if needed). We moved this desk out of the office from downstairs.

 We worked on the number 11 this week. He did really well. We also started "copy" writing. Where he looks at the number, then writes it. I figured 11 was an easy number to copy!

 He worked on puzzles, ordering by size and writing the word, NEST. He really got the N thing this week. Maybe it's because we were off for so long due to #3s birth?

 They LOVED when I pulled out the ABC stamps and ink pad.

 This was a new to him activity. I got this from my old 1st grade teacher when she retired. It's a dog with bones on the side, with dots. The clothes pins have numbers on them. He must MATCH the dots to the correct number written on the clothes pin. This will help with number recognition. He LOVED it. I will be making more. Look for a freebie soon!

Playschool 2s (She's 2 years 5 months)
#2 had quite the fever on Monday. Woke up with 103.6 temperature. She hasn't eaten much for at least a week and I'm not sure what's going on. She's done this a couple other times. At first I thought she was yearning for attention, but then when I felt her body she was HOT to the touch. Needless to say she got lots of cuddles and love on Monday! Despite her fever though, she still participated in school.

She's working on her shapes and colors as well as one to one correspondence counting.

 She loves to write, do magnets, really do anything her brother does.

BUT she also does enjoy being girly, like pushing her many babies around!

Learning to Grow (She's 7 weeks old)

 Doing something she's good at....SLEEP.
 Enjoying tummy time. The only one of my children that do not scream during tummy time.

Awake time. She's working on staying awake longer. :) I don't mind that she loves to sleep.

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  1. your an amazing teacher and mom!!!
    You make me look forward to these things even more than I already do...and i already really really look forward to these things!
    your sister, Kelsey


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