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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up Letter U

Boy have we been hit with some NASTY virus, and hit BAD. I'm thankful, knock on wood, that #3 who's just 7 weeks old hasn't gotten it (neither has Pastor, which is good, because he's like an additional child when he's sick). HOWEVER This momma has it, hence why this post is 2 days overdue. I'm not sure what it is. I honestly think throwing up for 24 hours would be better than 2-3 weeks of nasty coughing, sneezing, and runny noses would be better...then again I'm sure I'd change my mind in that situation too. Being sick is just NO FUN at all. Period.

We didn't do any school Monday or Tuesday. #1 was REALLY ill.

Thankfully we checked out some kids movies from the library, so that kept us entertained on Monday and Tuesday, along with 3-4 hour naps for him. I felt so horrible. He had croup last Friday and it's just gotten worse.

We went to the doctor but they did nothing. Honestly I don't even know why I take my kids into the clinic anymore. I always come back with "wait it out" news. Blah!

So, we started our week on U on Wednesday. I figure this is 3s curriculum, whatever we don't get through, we'll hit HARD next year, prior to kindergarten. He's a smart kid. He'll get it one way or another.

A peak into our week.

Preschool 3s

  Playschool 2s

 Our finished painting project. We put tape over the U before painting, then when it was dry we took it off.

Learning to Grow

See what others are up to this week:

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