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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Super Hero Birthday Party

#1 turned 4 this year. Wow. Four years of this whole "mommyhood" stuff. I am NO pro by any means, but I feel I've learned a lot in the four years. I've been out of the "professional" world for 3 years now. That seems like eternity to me. I do someday hope to go back to the classroom...that's another post for another time.

So here's what #1's birthday party looked like. Please know we budget ONLY $50 for party supplies AND food. So it's a pretty frugal party, considering we fed 28 people! I cannot take the credit for the creativeness on the idea (however I did make my own food tags and such). I found most of the stuff from Creatively Purposed and Living Locurto. I used Brilliant Beginnings Preschool idea of making capes.

The kids colored and drew their own "Super Kid".

They also decorated their own super capes. I cut out GOLD colored capes, hot glued blue ribbon for the neck, and then the kids decorated them with fabric markers. I thought about sewing the capes, but then I realized I'd be sewing 14 capes, and my time right now is limited.

After they decorated their super capes and then they were chased by the "bad guy", aka, Pastor. 

We also had some super balloons. A birthday party isn't complete without balloons right?

We had some delicious food. Wonder Dogs, Super Cheetos, Super Veggies, and Enhancing Vision Apples

The kids each got a Super Hero Pez.

Finally, presents! 

 We had such a fun time!

Now, we'll work on writing #1s Thank You notes. Stay tuned for a free Super Hero THANK YOU card. Check back later in the week!

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