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Friday, February 8, 2013

Candy Land ABCs

My bestie over at Ironic Adventures made these AWESOME printables to go with the game Candy Land. Our nightly routine with the kids is to get dinner done, cleaned up, get PJs on and then play a game, or two, or three depending on the time.

Last night's choice was Candy Land. The kids ran to pull the game off the book shelve and set it up. Little did they know I had switched the cards to the ones that Becca had made! When it was #1s turn to go, he picked up a card and was surprised to see the letters. He was a bit taken back at first, but quickly enjoyed the game.

It was to my, and Pastor's surprise that when #2 grabbed her first card, she called out the letter, B correctly. Whoa, did she just say what I thought she said.

GOOD GUESS. Or do you really know that, that letter was a B. Hmmm, time will tell. She drew another card, wrong guess. Ok, so maybe she was guessing. She drew the letter B again, CORRECT. Hmmm.

 Guess you do know the letter B. It was way to my surprise!

They thoroughly enjoyed the game. If you want to check out this printable, or her other Candy Land printables (site word and addition ones as well), go over to Ironic Adventures

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  1. Hey! glad you guys had fun! :-) We did your legos this week. ;-)


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