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Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Baby Wipe Solution

If you're new to my blog, you may not know that I cloth diaper. Not "exclusively" but ALMOST. I typically use a disposable for babysitters, when the kids have a rash, or when I know we'll be out ALL day (its easier to carry 5 disposable diapers, rather than 10 cloth diapers). So, with #1 and #2 I bought wipe solution, because it was "easy".

I've been wanting to make my own wipe solution, to cut one more thing out of the budget...but in all honestly I wanted to make my own, because then I know whats in it. I love that cloth diapering is "green", but that's not the #1 reason why I made the switch. It was initially because both #1 and #2 were in diapers at the SAME TIME and it was ridiculously expensive!

So, with #3 I'm trying out my own wipe solution, and I LOVE IT.I got this recipe from a friend who is also cloth diapering her little one.

Here's what you need:
Baby wash (we use Johnson and Johnson because my kids have very sensitive skin)
Baby Oil (again, name brand)
A gallon jug (or something to pour your mixed solution into).

Now I made a whole gallon of the solution, so I wouldn't have to make it again and again. The following is about 2 cups worth of a wipe solution. To make a gallon, multiple it by 4.

1/2 cup baby wash
1/2 cup baby oil
2 cups water

Mix together in jug (I shook mine, worked well).

Now, if you don't cloth diaper, but you want to make your own wipe solution you can. I use some little kid wash clothes and cut up t-shirts as the "wipes". You can simply use the wipes, then add them to your regular wash. One less thing you'll have to buy, and most of the stuff you should have on hand! Why not give it a try?

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  1. Thanks for that recipe, Beth! I will have to try that sometime! I also cloth diaper mainly because I am at home with Timothy and it is a lot cheaper when I am just hanging out at home and can change the diaper often and do laundry often! I enjoy your blog and have shared it with a lady that I know who does daycare because I think she will like some of your teaching ideas! Also, I know Timothy is only almost 5 months, but I am definitely making the pipe cleaner sorter for when he is older for church! Good idea! Thanks for all of the ideas!


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