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Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Quiet Fine Motor Activity

 I made these pipe cleaner color sorters a while back. #1 and #2 LOVED them when I made them...then they lost interest. So I put them away, then yesterday I pulled them back out...and it was like Christmas all over again...makes me wonder if I should put more toys away and bring them out later!

This is a very SIMPLE and easy activity. You can make it with almost any plastic container you have at home. I have 2. This one is from a peanut butter jar. I used this jar because it's clear and then you can also put a magnet up to the jar and "catch" the pipe cleaners. It's pretty neat. The other container I used was an old puffs container.

You'll need:
Pipe Cleaners
Colored Markers
Hole Reinforcements (white)

To Do:
1. Use a nail and hammer it in to make your holes (on the peanut butter jar Pastor had to use a drill, the lid was so durable.
2. Place your hole reinforcements over the holes, color them.
3. Cut up your pipe cleaners (I cut mine in thirds)
4. Put your little one to work, color sorting.

Not only are the kids working on color sorting, but also on fine motor skills. We've brought this in our church bags a few times. Keeps the kids entertained and quiet during church!

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