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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Listen and Look for Jesus

Theme:  Listen to Jesus; Look to Jesus.  He helps us in the mountains and the valleys, everywhere that we go!

Read Mark 1:36-37

Next, have kids take turns (maybe in partners) building a mountain with blocks wearing sunglasses covered in Vaseline. See who can build the biggest mountain before it falls over. 

Say: It's hard to do what we are supposed to (or face challenges) when we can't see!

Get in circle and play telephone (you might need to explain it to the littler ones).  The message to say is "Look to Jesus, Listen to Jesus.  He loves us wherever we go!"  

After you play the game tell them. We have to know how to listen to God.  We do this by knowing what is in the Bible!

If they want to play another round of telephone, you can.

There are TWO crafts. They can do both, or choose one.

Big Heart: the kids can choose a big heart and draw ears, eyes, and a cross. Tell them: This is to remind us to listen and look for God. Look for Jesus! Listen to His Word! 

Little Hearts: The kids can choose die cut hearts and glue them “upside down” onto the white paper. To make a “mountain” shape. If they still want to draw eyes, ears, and a cross on the paper, that’s fine.

Then they can glue on a verse. 1 John 4:19 onto their paper – This is done for EITHER craft.

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  1. How helpful! We are doing lessons right now on attentiveness - "listening with our ears, eyes and hearts". I have everything but crafts. This is gonna work for me. Thanks!


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