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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Praying for ...

Have you ever prayed for things to happen, and then God show you that's not his plan? Or lead you another way?

It's happened to me. More than once. Happened this month actually. I was praying for something to happen, but my motives were all personal, not focused on what God wanted, but rather all focused on ME.

It really hit me in Children's Ministry today because we were talking about the beatitudes. The leader contrasted them with the "meatitudes". That's totally what I was doing, focusing on the ME, rather than what was best in God's Eyes.

Today, I've realized I need to pray that God guide me in the path where we are at and pray he guides me in the coming days. Even though it's hard to accept God's plan sometimes when we live in such a "my" world. We all want things OUR way. In OUR time. Well, it never happens that way, and if it does, it is all God, not us.

God, please help me realize that you know what's best. Help me not to dwell on things that are out of my control. I know that you will guide our steps. Please grant me peace in realizing this more and more each day. Amen.

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