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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Have you every been in the grocery store, alone (not alone as in the only one in the store, as in no kids or husband with you). No Kids. Peace. You can quietly roam the aisles at your own leisure?

I have.

 A few times.

I can probably count them on ONE hand. I'm usually toting around one, if not 3 kids. But hey, that's ok. It's my life, and I love my kiddos...but I do really enjoy grocery shopping alone. I've found that I spend less money (typically) and am more focused. Duh.

Anyway, the other day I was shopping, alone. A rarity. I was enjoying myself. I was in the produce section of the grocery store and I was trying to get around someone.

So I say, "excuse US". The person moved over and continued looking for ripe bananas. I stood there for a second and realize.

Hmm, Us. It's only me. There is no US, just ME.

I find myself a lot of the time saying "us" and "we're" ALL. THE. TIME. No matter if I'm alone or with my kids or anyone else.

I think this is a mommy trait. Anyone else?

I also refer to myself a lot of the time as "mommy". For example while talking with #2 this morning (whom I dictate our complete DAY to, usually) I said, "Mommy needs to brush her hair, because it's messy".

I rarely every say I. Weird. I'll use the pronoun US, but not I. Hmm.

I became more aware of this when I heard #2 saying "__________ needs to go potty" using her real name, instead of I.

I laughed. On the Inside.

I know this is a common trait of toddlers, just made me become more aware of what I say. Funny isn't it?

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