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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teaching Your Child How To...

When #1 was about 2, I needed to teach him how to put his coat on by himself. I talked with many people and someone showed me this "upside" method. It works SO easy. Is easy for the kids, and they catch on quick. This is one reason I can get 3 kids out the door so quickly, because #1 can get his coat on by himself and #2 is catching on quick!

I'll explain the method, but #1 modeled a quick video for you.

  1. Have the child place his/her coat on the ground, so its open. 
  2. Tell the child to stand at the top of the coat, by the hood. 
  3. Then have the child bend down, putting their arms in the arms of their coat.
  4. Have them FLIP the coat over their head. 
  5. Viola! The coat is now on your child.
Here's a little video to teach you so you can teach your little ones.

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