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Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Letter G

Here's what we did this week. Most of our stuff came from COAH.
On Monday we had a play date with #3 Godmother and her little one who is #2s age. We didn't do school this day, because well....we had a fun playdate. That's why!

On Tuesday we got another inch of fresh snow, so we had "recess" and shoveled and played in the backyard. Not too often do we have NICE winter weather where it isn't too windy. It actually was "warm" on Tuesday. Even with the sun not shinning!

We didn't really do school on Wednesday or Thursday either, due to another play date and some errands I had to run. Next week I planned a "winter break" for #1, so we'll just slowly finish what I had planned that we didn't get to. This is what we DID do.

Preschool 3s

 I think things are getting TOO easy for him. He hasn't really wanted to do things, and when he does, he accomplishes them CORRECTLY in no time.
 SNOW fun!
 Shoveling. I love shoveling. Honestly. My brother and sisters hated it growing up, but I thoroughly enjoy it!
 When #2 is nice, they play so well together.

 #1 requested we build a we did!

Playschool 2s
She loves fine motor things.
 Playing in the fort we made on Tuesday
A fun DIY fine motor color sorting activity. A DYI blog post coming soon.

Learning to Grow 9 weeks

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