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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Journey to the Cross Magnet & Prayer Page

On Tuesday I posted about the Journey to the Cross activity that I did with Children's Ministry kids on Sunday at church (I took various pieces from various places and put it together. It was not all my idea. I cannot since find the sites, if I do, I'll give credit where credit is due).

At this event on Sunday I also gave out these AMAZING Journey to the Cross Magnets that are found from Christian Tools of Affirmation. Along with the magnet came a very extensive devotion for families. The magnet is meant to be something you go through, the WHOLE season of lent,  but I rather took it to have families do the week leading UP TO Easter. I took the prayers they provided and made a one page of prayers that focused on a specific bible passage. Even if you don't have the magnets, you can still do the little prayers and bible readings each day until Easter. Find that document, here.

We've been doing these every morning before breakfast. The kids have really enjoyed putting the magnets on the fridge. Soon it'll form a cross!

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