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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Listening to God's Word & Avoiding Temptation

Scripture Focus:  Luke 4:1-13

Read this to the kids:
How many of you know how to play the game "Simon Says?" If Simon says to do something, you do it, but if Simon doesn't say to do it, you don't do it. Are you ready to play? Good, let's play.

Simon says, "Raise your hand."

Simon says, "Raise your other hand."
"Okay, put your hands down." Uh-oh! I caught some of you on that one, didn't I? Did Simon say, "Put your hands down." No! Well, let's try again.

Simon says, "Put your hands down."

Simon says, "Flap your elbows."

Simon says, "Clap your hands."

Touch your nose. Ooops! I caught some of you again. Let's try one more time.

Simon says, "Touch your nose."

Pull your ear! Good! I didn't trick you that time. You are catching on to the game now.

In the game of Simon Says, you do what Simon says to do , but in real life you should do what the Bible tells you to do. Did you know that Satan will try to trick you into doing what he wants you to do?

The Bible says, "Thou shalt not steal," but if you go to the store to buy something and the cashier gives you too much money back, Satan will try to get you to keep it. He will say, "That isn't stealing," but if we take something that doesn't belong to us, it is stealing, isn't it?

The Bible says, "Love your enemies," but when someone does something to hurt you, Satan will say, "Hurt them back, after all, they hurt you first."

The Bible says, "Thou shalt not lie" but when you accidentally break your mother's vase and she asks if you know how it got broken, Satan will say, "Don't tell the truth. If you tell the truth, it will just get you into more trouble."

Did you know that Satan even tried to get Jesus to do things that were wrong? When he did, do you know what Jesus did? Jesus answered him with Scripture. That is a good way to defeat Satan, isn't it? Just read the Bible and do what it tells you to do -- not what Satan tells you to do!

Dear Father, help us to do what Jesus did. Help us to do what the Bible tells us to do instead of listening to what Satan wants us to do. Amen.

Say: Now we are going to do a little activity. Here I have a glass of water. I am going to give you popcorn to throw AT the glass to try and knock it down. The popcorn represents TEMPTATION. Do you know what temptation is? The glass of water represents GOD’S WORD. Do the activity. Have each child try it (try not to spill the water, and please pick up the popcorn when you’re done).

POPCORN KNOCK DOWN: Fill a glass with water and give the children popcorn to throw AT the glass to try and knock it down. Tell the children that the popcorn represents TEMPTATION and the glass of water represents GOD'S WORD (tape a little sign on the glass for GOD"S WORD). Make sure children stand back far enough to not tip the glass of water over.

There is a coloring sheet for those who don’t want to do the craft.
Say: Now we are going to make a picture of ourselves using different shapes like, triangles, circles, and rectangles. We are going to glue them onto the paper. This person represents you. Remember in Luke 4 it talked about worshiping the Lord your God and serving only him.

ME BULLETIN BOARD: Give children different shapes such as triangles, circles and rectangles to make up a picture of themselves to glue or tape onto the bulletin board. After all the children have completed making a picture of "ME", the children can draw, or glue letters on their bulletin board to say I WILL OBEY, or I WANT TO DO WHAT JESUS SAYS, etc. II Tim 3:16 could be written across the bottom of the bulletin board.

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