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Monday, March 4, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Well, its MONDAY again. Here's what our week looks like. We're eating at church TWICE a week now that its lent. Less cooking for me! Yahoo!

Church- bringing some awesome pumpkin bars for dessert (I have some FRESH pumpkin, well frozen from this past fall that I'll be using)

Porkchops & Hashbrowns, Salad & Jello

Soup Supper at Church

Meatballs and Mashed potatoes, with apples

Orange Chicken & Rice (sides to be made by others from our Monday night service), this is for a dinner meeting.

Freezer Meal- Enchaladas

Knoelpha Soup & fresh bread - I froze this last time I made it because we had too many left overs!

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