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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Say Goodbye to Whining

I jumped on the opportunity to review Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller's book, Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids. Mr. Turansky is a pastor and homeschooling father of five, and Ms. Miller is a pediatric nurse and homeschooling mother of two. I thought this book would be just what I needed for my kids (and me...gulp!)....and I was RIGHT. It is what we I needed. It's a great book and I read it really fast. I would categorize it in the "how to" section of my massive collection of books. You're asking, what is it teaching? It's teaching HONOR. How to teach honor to your children, so then you will minimize eliminate, whining, complaining and bad attitudes.

The Teaching
 Throughout the book they talk about how to teach honor. Honor is a gift--the extra, unexpected act of kindness. They say that you should "let your children know you noticed. Let them hear you bragging about how they did more than what was expected. Take time to tell your children when you feel honored, that you're pleased with what they're doing and how they're responding". Let me tell you, it works. I noticed #1 doing something above and beyond what he was supposed to do, showing honor to his sisters and I bragged about him to a friend, and you should've seen his face light up. I could hear him thinking "oh yeah, I'm doing good".

The Tips
 While reading the book I came to find that some of the things that I'm already doing with our kids is something they suggest. Like explaining to the kids "It makes me sad when _______, instead of ________. It makes God sad when we don't choose to do the right things." At least I'm doing something right. Ha!

Some skills for honor based parenting are to be firm without being harsh, expressing sorrow instead of anger, using problem solving and decision making skills. All these tips and more are talked about in-depth in the book. First, we parents need to show this honor, then we can teach it and expect it from our little ones!

The Training 
Every chapter ends with "taking it a step further". Here you have 4 questions that are very biblically based to get you thinking about the chapter more. It has made me dive into the bible more. One of the ones I really liked was reading Philippians 2:1-11 and finding several ways that honor was portrayed in these verses. It was another way for me to read these passages.

At the end of the book there are eight discussion and activities for families to use to teach honor. Honor is doing more than what's expected. I really like the way they put these together because it gives a "lesson from God's word". Its not just self help ideas from the authors, but from the bible!

Toward the end of the book the authors talk about how too much honor in a family can be bad. Nothing should take the special place of honor in our lives that's reserved for God alone. They reference Matthew 10:37, having a bigger love for God than our earthly family. It's kind of like the rule that we have in our house. God FIRST, Family SECOND, Work THIRD.

All in all this book has AWESOME tools and tips for us parents and our kids. If your interested in purchasing this book you can do so from the Biblical Parenting Website. If you buy the book THIS MONTH you will get the Honor Multi-media Package ($59.95 value) FREE! This too, has a lot of great resources. There's a video, an MP3, a study guide and a lesson for your kids. My kids really enjoyed going through the lesson together!

**I received a copy of this book and the Multi-media pacakge free, for my honest review.**

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